With a job that keeps her on the road all day long, Sherry often opts for frozen entrées or takeout for her family's meals—that is, until she got the ultimate diet wake-up call. A takeout dinner left Sherry hospitalized with food poisoning! "That's when I knew that I had to make some different decisions," she says.

To help her avoid another trip the ER, Jessica shows Sherry how to make 20-Minute Turkey Tostadas.

The tostadas start off with browning ground turkey meat in a crushed tomato sauce. After layering it on a tostada shell, you can customize the toppings, Jessica says. "You can put in avocado. You can put in all different toppings that make it healthier and more colorful and beautiful," Jessica says. "However, you can just know that you've already made it and you're good to go.

Even though it's a healthy dinner, if your family is anything like Jessica's they'll still love it. "It starts with a chip," Jessica says. "Anything that has a chip, in my house, is the greatest."


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