Couples on The Marriage Ref aren't the only ones who need someone to step in and settle long-standing disagreements. Plenty of Oprah Show viewers have problems of their own, and Jerry and Tom are stepping in to give their verdicts on a few tiffs.

Wisconsin couple Teri and Jim have a problem that just keeps growing—Jim has five tortoises, two of which are almost 70 pounds apiece. "I can tell you we never, ever, ever had the premarital tortoise talk," Teri says. "Sometimes it feels a little bit like giving up my career to become a zookeeper." Teri says she maintains an entire refrigerator of tortoise food and spends plenty of time cleaning up and masking the odor of tortoise poop.

Jim says tortoises hold a special place in his heart. "When I was a little boy, I had the pleasure of riding on the back of Jalopy the tortoise at the Staten Island Zoo. He had a sarcoma and had to have surgery and radiation therapy, and that was a life-changing experience for me," he says. "I wound up becoming a physician who specializes in radiation therapy in large part because of Jalopy the tortoise."


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