After Greg and Dianah make their cases, the celebrity panel weighs in. Alec and Kelly say no to the pole, but Jerry agrees with Greg. What was the marriage ref's final verdict?

"It's not so cut and dry, because he really is saying to his wife: 'I find you attractive. I want to spice things up with you. I'm not looking for anything else. Let's do this,'" Tom says. "So I felt for him that way, but the bottom line is, she doesn't want it. There's nothing more unattractive than someone on a pole who doesn't want to be on a pole."

Though he lost this battle, Greg isn't giving up. He says he still wants to install a pole.

"This is why this show is great," Tom says. "We make the call, and now she knows, in this argument, for the rest of their lives, all of America agrees with her. That's powerful."


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