Tom was handpicked by his friend Jerry to host The Marriage Ref, which airs on NBC. "We have both been married for 10 years, and whenever we go on the road together, we sit on the plane, we sit in the hotel, and we trade stories about our marriages," Jerry says. "We just laugh and laugh and laugh. … The more I suffer, the more he laughs."

Sure, Tom is hilarious, but Jerry says he also has a special quality that's hard to come by. "You can't not like him. He's very likable, and the more you watch him, the more you need of this guy," Jerry says. "I said: 'I've got to put this guy on TV. People want this guy in their house.'"

But, if you and your spouse are struggling with serious issues, save them for Dr. Phil. The Marriage Ref helps couples find humor in their frivolous arguments. "I think laughing about your marriage is the best thing you can do," Jerry says.

What do Tom and his wife fight about? "Lately, I have the Kindle, and I love reading. Whenever I start to read, my wife thinks that's a neon sign saying, 'Let's talk,'" he says. "She doesn't want to talk any other time, but when I start reading, [she says], 'You know what I was thinking…'"


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