In December 2009, Jenny filed for divorce. "There wasn't a final straw. I got to a peace about me," she says. "As far as I'm concerned, I want him to be happy...I want him at some point to become the person I always thought he was for the sake of our children because otherwise I fear that they will forever think of him as a hypocrite."

While Jenny says she never believed she enabled Mark's affair, she says she may have made it easier for him to stray by taking care of too many things in his personal life and career. "I did so because I believed in him. I have an old-fashioned Old Testament view of what marriage is. So I was willing and able to help manage his campaigns or help raise the kids," she says. "But in that process, somehow, maybe I made it easy for him to become disconnected."

Jenny says she doesn't know if Mark is still seeing the other woman—and doesn't want to know. "I want to just move on and let his actions and his choices speak for themselves," she says.


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