On June 24, 2009, Mark held a news conference and told the world where he had been. Jenny was not by his side. "He didn't ask me to be next to him," she says.

As she describes in her book, Staying True, Jenny watched from home with her dad, sisters and close friends. The feeling was surreal, she says. "Not only had my heart already been broken, [I watched] him just talk about days spent crying in Argentina," she says. "But he wasn't just disappointing me. He had a whole political career and people who had really put their faith and trust in him. So we were watching the implosion of a family, the implosion of a marriage, and the implosion of really a career and a lot of trust broken."

When the press conference ended, Jenny released her own statement. "It was an honest reflection, in my mind, of the notion that marriages are difficult and complicated and the situation is complicated," she says.

Despite Mark's public admission of infidelity, Jenny says she still hoped to save her marriage. "I still wanted to give him one last shot for the sake of our children," she says. "I do have an old-fashioned view [of marriage] and I was willing to forgive. Not to condone adultery any further."


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