Now single, Jenny says she's dating but is taking one step at a time. "There is a guy that I like—and I will call it exclusive because I don't like to jump around too much—but he's very sweet," she says. "There's a precious cargo at stake named Evan, and so that's why I'm calling it 'diet dating' until I know that it's going to the next level or the sands of the hourglass [are] showing. And right now I'm just in the present moment of enjoying his company immensely."

When she considers her future, Jenny says she envisions sharing her life with someone—but isn't set on having another ring on her finger. "I [visualize having] a big awesome, hunky lover. I don't know if he's living with me, but I do know I'm in love and not necessarily married," she says. "But if I met someone that hadn't done it before and wants to do it, I would be open to it. Never say never."

Above all, Jenny dreams of being content. "I see a wise old Jenny."

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