One thing Jenny didn't do after her breakup was place blame. "If I went and blamed him, I miss the lesson," she says.

A simple exercise helped Jenny learn what she needed to from the breakup. "I actually wrote down a list of all the things that I would say were blame," she says. "[I wrote], 'He did that.' And then I crossed off 'he' and I put the word 'I,' and then I reread them and I was, like, 'Oh my God.' I found my participation also and really used those as life lessons."

Jenny says the most important lesson she learned was that she didn't need a lover to have love in her life. "I came out of it going, 'I am the love of my life,'" she says. "Now everybody that comes into my life is just whipped cream, but I come in as the full sundae."

Why Jenny says "You complete me" is a lie.

Jenny says Jim also gave her a priceless gift. "During those autism years when he stood by me—and I'm so grateful for—he taught me how to cry and release," she says. "I came from the South Side of Chicago, and we're tough. We don't cry, you know? And he would literally teach me how to get things out, and I'd become such a lighter, not-so-angry warrior due to that release."


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