Jenny says the relationship ended weeks before she and Jim tweeted about it—and shares an inside scoop about Hollywood breakups. "Usually when people find out about [a celebrity breakup] in the media, it happened way earlier," she says. "Thank God, though. Because no matter who does the breaking up or who gets dumped, your heart still needs to mend. You still need to grieve the loss of a relationship."

In fact, Jenny says she and Jim called it quits "some weeks" before their tweets. "We really had some time to kind of go back into ourselves, heal a little bit," she says. "What usually winds up happening with celebrities [is] we get a call that says: 'It's leaked. It's going to come out in a major way tomorrow in one of the magazines.' So we decided to make the choice of [announcing] it on our own terms."

Since the breakup, Jenny says she's feeling better than ever. "That's what usually happens when you go through some type of a big crossroad," she says.


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