Oprah: Did you think that Conan had what it took to take over The Tonight Show?

Jay: Yeah, I think he did. He followed me successfully for 16 years and was number one, and we were number one and it was a good team. I mean, even though that situation happened in 2004, Conan and I talked, and this was a network decision. This is what the network wanted.

Oprah: Were you and Conan friends?

Jay: Oh yes, very much so.


Oprah: So you bore no hard feelings toward him.

Jay: No, not at all.

Oprah: Even though he was going to be taking over your spot.

Jay: No, not at all, because I took the spot over from someone as well. I mean, he was my last guest. I wished him luck, and I asked the audience to please watch and tune in.

Oprah: And meant well by it.

Jay: Oh, very much so.


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