Oprah: You said your heart was broken, how does that show itself with you? Do you go for a ride in one of your cars?

Jay: You know, I always thought, "You're doing the right thing." I always felt I was doing the right thing, and you go: "How can you do the right thing and just have it go so wrong? Maybe I'm not doing the right thing," I would say. "Maybe I'm doing something wrong if this many people are angry and upset over a television show." I mean, I had a show. My show got canceled. They weren't happy with the other guy's show. They said, "We want you to go back." I said, "Okay." And this seemed to make a lot of people really upset. And I go: "Well, who wouldn't take that job though? Who wouldn't do that?" And it was really agonizing. I would spend a lot of time just thinking about it going: "I think I'm a good guy. Am I not a good guy? Maybe I'm just one of these guys who thinks I see everything with rose-colored glasses and the world is falling around you."

Oprah: Did you ever ask yourself, "Well, am I being selfish?"

Jay: Sure. Yes, you ask yourself that every day.

Oprah: And your answer was? Is?

Jay: I don't think so. I don't think so.I mean, I like the job. I like all that goes with it. I fight for the people that work here. I fight to keep the jobs here. Okay, is that selfish? Maybe it is because it's self-aggrandizing. Maybe it's because it's pumping me up.


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