Oprah: Do you feel any personal responsibility for Conan's disappointment?

Jay: No. It had nothing to do with me. I mean, as I say, there is always someone waiting in the wings in this business to take your job. If you're not doing the numbers, they move on. It's pretty simple.

Oprah: When you go back to The Tonight Show, do you think about rebuilding that audience and how you're going to do that?

Jay: Very much so. That's on my mind every day.

Oprah: And how will you do that?

Jay: I think you do it by doing the work. You find out what the elements are that worked on the show, and you try to bring those elements to it. But it's really the idea of servicing the audience. You know, the reason I work a lot on the road is you tell a joke...if a joke works in Boston and Oklahoma City and Des Moines, Iowa, and L.A., it'll work on TV.


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