Oprah: Was there any part of you that thought: "Let me think about this. Let me have a conversation with Conan. Let me see if Conan wants to take the hour"? Was there any part of you that thought: "You know what? I've already done that. Enough. Let's move on"?

Jay: Actually, it wasn't my place to call Conan and say, "They made this offer to me." And I said, "Do you think Conan will go for this?" And they said, "We'll ask him tomorrow." I said, "Okay, let me know what happens," and then the next thing you know, I guess Conan had his article in the paper and that was that.

Oprah: Yes, Conan said that he thought it would be destructive to the franchise and that if he took that spot...

Jay: Well, if you look at where the ratings were, it was already destructive to the franchise.

Oprah: But he said that he did not want to to take the hour at 12:05 a.m. because then it...

Jay: Well, there was no discussion on it. The last discussion I had was it looked like he was gonna go for it, and then he publicly said no, and by that time, it had pretty much hit the fan. Everything was all over the place, and there wasn't a lot of talking going on.

Oprah: But then it got ugly.


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