In Why Did I Get Married, Too?, four couples meet in the Bahamas for their annual getaway. But soon, there's trouble in paradise—secrets are uncovered and everything unravels. Tyler says the cast was already extremely close when they came together to make the film, so they rallied in support of Janet. "We were very protective of her, all of us, because we knew each other. It was like her coming home—leaving her family and coming to another family," he says.

In order to protect Janet from the media, Tyler had around-the-clock security. "There are shots where Janet doesn't have any makeup on and she's crying and snotting and everything else," he says. "I didn't want the pictures showing up on the cover of some tabloid saying this is what she's going through when it was her acting in the film."

Tyler also changed the ending of the film, even though Janet asked him not to. "She did not want me to because there was something that happened where she had to speak at a funeral, [but] I thought the things that she was going to say, it was too eerie and too much for me. She wanted to continue to do it, but I changed it because of that."

Janet says the support from Tyler and the cast did not go unnoticed. "The day my brother passed, [Tyler] called me and he was constantly checking up on me, and then he stopped production and came down to the service, and he was with me the entire time," she says. "He spoke to the cast and the crew and [told them] to make sure I felt at home and asked me how I wanted to be treated on set, and I said, 'Just treat me the way they always have—with open arms.'"

Watch the video for Janet Jackson's single "Nothing," a song she wrote for Why Did I Get Married Too?


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