The world watched as Michael's children mourned their father at his public funeral, but Janet says the kids are doing well. "It's difficult. Their father passed. But they're dealing with it," she says. "Thank God they have their family around them and their cousins," she says.

When Janet looks back on her brother and their time together, she says she remembers their childhood. "We used to spend every day all day together," she says. "I have a beautiful picture in my home of he and I when we were just babies. ... It takes me to that place that, even when he was still here, that I missed. We would talk about us being kids and how much fun we had."

Janet says she feels like she started losing her brother around the time of Thriller, but they still shared good times until the very end of his life. "The last time I saw him, which was two days before my birthday at my parents' surprise party, I was being silly like I always did when we were kids, and he kept looking at me and just cracking up."

The last words Janet spoke to Michael were on that day. Her final words to her brother: "I love you."


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