Jane is the mother of two adult children, Vanessa and Troy, and she says one of her biggest regrets in life is not being a better mom to them.

As someone who was raised by governesses as a child, Jane had governesses for her own daughter as well. "I didn't know how to do it otherwise," she says.

Then, when Vanessa gave birth to Jane's first grandchild, Jane says she felt her heart opening. "When [my grandson] got a little older, we'd stare ... into each other's eyes," she says. "I'd turn to go to sleep, but he'd pull me back and say, 'I'm not ready.' And he'd look at me more and say, 'I wuv you, Gamma.'"

"So you had not done that with your own children?" Oprah asks.

"Not enough," Jane says. "Maybe I did it, but I wasn't there."

Today, Jane says Vanessa is an unbelievable mother. "We break the cycle," she says.


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