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Stuff to Buy Right Now:
Extra-large, nonstick frying pan
Set of thick-bottomed saucepans (large, medium, small)
Good, sturdy sheet pans
Nest of mixing bowls
Knives (chef's knife, serrated carving knife, small paring knife)
Can opener
Speed (vegetable) peeler
Pestle and mortar
Weighing scales and measuring cups
Large colander
Large measuring cup
Box grater/Microplane grater

Stuff You Can Pick Up Later:
Large grill pan
Extra-large casserole pan or dutch oven
Metal tongs
Wooden spoons
Metal whisk
Potato masher
Ladle, slotted spoon and slotted turner
Plastic spatula
Rolling pin
Salad spinner
Thick, sturdy wooden chopping board and a small plastic chopping board
Food processor

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