Jamie says you can stage your own kitchen revolution by following a few dos and don'ts:

Don't give up everything you love. If your family can't live without pizza, find a recipe to make it with fresh, natural ingredients. "This is about moms and dads owning what their kids are consuming," he says. "You still can't have it every day, but it's about knowing what's in the food that your little babies are eating."

Do dress up dinner with fruits and vegetables. "You need different textures. Different colors."

Do read labels. "If you don't recognize something on the back of an ingredients pack—if it sounds like a NASA science lesson—don't buy it," he says. "If America does that, then the food industry that supports it will reformulate and give you the same stuff that you love without the rubbish."

Don't fall for supermarket sales. "[Those deals are] so weighted on the highly processed cheap foods," he says. "It's buy one, get one free—do you need it in the first place? [Ask yourself]: 'Is it local? Is it seasonal? Can you buy loose instead of in the bags?' It's much cheaper.

Do cook with olive oil. This can be a great substitute for butter. "Buy yourself a cheap olive oil for sort of basic cooking, and then get something about 10 bucks for finishing things."

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