When Jamie first arrived in Huntington, what he found was shocking. Schools served pizza for breakfast, and children often had processed chicken nuggets for lunch. He also found that the United States Department of Agriculture's guidelines considered French fries a vegetable in school cafeterias. "The standards in this country are not protecting your kids," he says. "And I want mothers and fathers to be as angry as I am."

While at the school, Jamie took over the kitchen—which did not please many of the cooks. "Humans are animals of habit; we don't like change," he says. "People don't want to change until the pain of staying the way they are gets worse."

Still, Jamie says he doesn't mind resistance. "I've worked in high schools where I get called so many things," he says. "But when you know you're getting up to do something right, it empowers you to steam through it and make change."


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