When James did return to the United States, he says he continued to work—to write. Since then, he's released two more books. "Did [the memoir controversy] shake your confidence at all in your ability as a writer?" Oprah asks.

"It didn't ever shake it, no. I never woke up and said [to myself], 'You'll never write again,'" James says. "In the days immediately following [the 2006 interview], I got calls from most of my European publishers saying, 'We don't care about what's going on over there. We're still going to publish you. We think you're a great writer.'"

James says his resolve to continue working and confidence in his abilities is something that goes back to his early days of writing. "I spent 9 or 10 years alone in a room writing a book, trying to write a book, before I actually got one published," he says. "And through those years, I always believed that I would be able to do it. That I would be able to write a book that could change somebody's life. And even after the mess of A Million Little Pieces, I didn't lose that faith."

Watch James discuss what he's learned about himself professional and personally since the controversy   


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