While James was navigating the negativity and aftermath of the controversy, Oprah says she too experienced backlash as a result of the 2006 interview.

Watch Oprah talk about the first phone call she received, condemning how she conducted the interview   

At the time, Oprah says, she disagreed with critics who felt that she was too hard on James. "Did you think I was too hard on you?" she asks.

James answers, "I thought it was within your rights to conduct your show however you wanted to. I knew I had made a bad mistake."

"What did you think of the way it was conducted though?" Oprah asks again.

"I thought I got ambushed. Absolutely," James says. "[But] I think, even had I known what I was walking into, I probably still would have walked into it. ... At the end of it, it didn't matter what happened on that show because in some ways, I deserved it. I made a mistake, and at a certain point, it came time to pay for it. And I paid for it."

Part 2 of Oprah's interview with James


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