As A Million Little Pieces climbed up the best-seller list, it came across the desk of an Oprah Show producer. The producer introduced the book to Oprah, and after reading it, Oprah chose it as a selection for Oprah's Book Club. Oprah says she called James herself to share the news, and it's a phone call James remembers well.

"I thought I was just talking to Sheri [Salata, a supervising producer at the time]," he tells Oprah. "A couple minutes into the phone call, you got on, and you told me you were choosing the book for your book club. I was sort of shocked and thrilled and really, really excited. And I remember hanging up the phone—my wife was downstairs with one of her friends, and they were at the kitchen table—and I walked downstairs. They said, 'How'd the call go?' And I said, 'Our life just changed.' I don't think I knew when I said that..."

"How prophetic that was," Oprah says.

"How prophetic that was," James says.


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