Looking back, Iyanla says she's realized she wasn't hoping for a business deal when she met with Oprah. She wanted validation.

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Iyanla: "I just wanted you to say you liked me and you never did."

Oprah: "I will not accept that. I will not accept that as where I was in my heart because I had offered. Not only did I like you, I would leave the stage and give you the stage because I liked you so much. What did you think that meant when I am sitting in the audience and letting you sit on stage and run the show?"

Iyanla: "I hadn't worked hard enough for it. I hadn't struggled hard enough for it. I couldn't even receive it. I couldn't recognize it. I didn't know what it was. You've got to hear that. You've got to hear that, Oprah. I didn't even know what it was. I thought you wanted the work. I didn't think you wanted me."

Oprah: "Oh, my God. I got it."


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