Eleven years later, Oprah says she saw an ad for Iyanla's latest book, Peace from Broken Pieces, and called her. "I decided we should have her on and clear the air," Oprah says. "For years there have been rumors swirling around that Iyanla and I had a big falling out. I'm going to tell you from my point of view what really happened."

When Iyanla sits down with Oprah for the first time in more than a decade, the first thing she does is apologize.

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"Let me just put it out there. I love you. I have always loved you and had nothing but positive regard for you. I am now so sorry. I am aware of how my behavior and my choices could have appeared to you and been experienced by you as betrayal. Please forgive me," Iyanla says. "Please. That was not my intention. Ever."

Oprah accepts Iyanla's apology. "No apology necessary. You are already forgiven," she says. "That is why you're here. I wanted you in this chair to tell you that you are already forgiven. You've written me over the years several letters. When you wrote me the first letter, you were forgiven."


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