At the time, Iyanla says she didn't know how to handle her newfound fame. "I had no preconceived idea what fame would be like, because I never thought I would be famous," she says. "I just wanted to do my work. Hell, I just wanted to pay my rent on time."

As her popularity grew, so did her bank account. "After being on Oprah for a couple of months, I got my first royalty check for $1,478,392.17," Iyanla says. "I will never forget it. At the height of my career, I made $3.3 million. Unbelievable. From welfare in the projects to $3.3 million."

Since Iyanla was on the same path as Dr. Phil, Oprah says Harpo Studios intended to help Iyanla launch her own talk show some day. But, after less than two years, Oprah's relationship with Iyanla ended in an instant.


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