When Iyanla's talk show ended, she says she wasn't afraid—she was "pissed off." She credits her life coach for helping her work through her anger. "I brought him in to just help me because I [was] drowning here," Iyanla says. "I didn't think I could call you [Oprah]. I wanted to. I wanted to so, so badly."

Oprah says she could have called, and if she had, Oprah would have given Iyanla this advice: "Until you heal your past, you will continue to bleed and bleed and bleed."

"I had to go through that, Oprah, to be able to be who I am today," Iyanla says. "I really had to."

"That is the peace," Oprah says.

"From the broken pieces," Iyanla replies. 

In the end, Oprah says she's grateful for the opportunity to clear the air with Iyanla, and at one point, she forgot she was even having this conversation on television! "I thank you for being here today," Oprah says. "I heard you. ... All is forgiven."

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