Iyanla says she now feels like the conversation that took place 11 years ago was incomplete and assumptions were made about what she'd said.

Oprah: "Let's just clarify this. Were you not saying to us,'I want to do this show, and I want to do it now. In my own time because God has told me this is the time?'"

Iyanla: "I think that I was saying I want to do my own show now, with you, but I wasn't making it if you don't do it. I'm going with them."

Oprah: "Well, it certainly felt like it. It felt like an ultimatum."

Iyanla says she never intended to give Oprah an ultimatum, and she regrets their misunderstanding. However, she believes everything happened for a reason.

"I think all things are lessons God would have us learn," Iyanla says. "I needed to understand and learn how to receive. ... You were giving me something and I couldn't see it, hear it, receive it."


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