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As a baby, Jennifer was adopted into a loving family. Recently, she requested that her adoption records be opened to her. Nothing could have prepared her for the shocking report: Jennifer had been abandoned, left in a stranger's car just minutes after being born. She was covered in blood, her umbilical cord still attached, she was freezing and she was not breathing.

"I kind of had those feelings of, 'Was I not good enough? Did I not measure up?' There had to have been a reason why my biological parents didn't keep me, didn't want me, and would leave me in a situation like that," Jennifer says.

But miraculously, Jennifer did have angels looking after her that day. "The one good thing that did come from the articles was that I was found by a nurse who was leaving her shift at the hospital," she says. "I had been named after one of the nurses. There were a lot of people who contacted the hospital asking how I was. There were presents brought to the hospital."

But because most of Jennifer's records were kept confidential, she had little information on the strangers who saved her life.

"I owe a big debt of gratitudeā€¦to these people and all I want to do is be able to meet them and let them know I'm okay," Jennifer says. "I think it would be a good type of closure for me because they are the reason that I'm here today."