Isaiah Mustafa
You may not know the name Isaiah Mustafa...but you will. This former professional football player is the new face of Old Spice cologne, and since his shirtless ads premiered, he's been steaming up TVs across America.

"That commercial has women everywhere wishing their guys looked and smelled like this," Oprah says.

Watch Isaiah's Old Spice commercial. Watch

Like the character he created for Old Spice, Isaiah goes shirtless as he Skypes in from his bathroom to reveal how he landed this life-changing gig.
Isaiah Mustafa
"As an actor, you take commercial jobs just to pay the bills, so they called me up and they said, 'Go in for Old Spice,'" he says. "My mom was at my house, and I asked her, 'Can you watch my daughter real quick while I run over to do this commercial audition?'"

On his way to the audition, Isaiah says he started to get nervous, so he called his friend Jake Plummer, a former Denver Broncos player. When he got Jake's voice mail, he read his lines aloud. Then, he played his recording back.

Isaiah decided he liked the voice he'd created, which he describes as a "little bit of James Brolin and a little bit of Adam West," so he used it in his audition. The rest is history!

Since then, Isaiah has caught the attention of Hollywood's heavy hitters. He says he's auditioned for a Tom Hanks movie, television pilots and Tyler Perry's upcoming film Colored Girls.

Isaiah asks Oprah to put in a good word for him with her friend Tyler, but she has something better in store. Oprah surprises Isaiah with a chance to hear some good news from Tyler himself.

"I just want to tell you, you got the part, man," Tyler tells Isaiah. "You did a great job. You got the part."


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