Conditions at a puppy mill

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Lisa and Bill continue on to see other nearby puppy mills. In one, they find 30 to 40 dogs in wire-floored rabbit cages stacked to the ceiling in a room that reeks of urine and feces.

Before they go to one breeder's property, Bill warns Lisa about what she may see. "It's probably the worst place I've ever been to in my life. He has dogs running on wheels in fan casings," Bill says. The contraptions look like big gerbil wheels. "[The breeder] claims that it's good for them because they get exercise," Bill says.

That breeder wouldn't let them see his dogs, but Lisa and Bill saw two dead animals on the property.

At a third breeder's facility, Lisa and Bill see outdoor cages that house scores of Pomeranians. Bill tells Lisa that not only have those dogs probably never been out of those small cages, it's likely that they remain outside even in bad weather and could die from exposure.