KF: When you have free time, which exhibits are you drawn to around the zoo?

PM: The echidna is my favorite. We have echidna out in the back, right near my office. I spend time with them.

The three echidna are Puglsey, Ned and Spike. People don't believe me, but five times I've seen Pugsey climb up the screen door at the back of my office. It's like Toy Story—When the lights go off, you don't know what they're up to! Pugsley goes up the screen door, he goes across—five times this has happened—and he sits on the door handle, the door handle comes down and Spike opens it at the bottom!

The other ones I enjoy are the chimpanzees. I like the dynamics—it's like watching a playground at school. I also love the giraffes as well, just how beautiful giraffes are with the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge behind us...I lose some time there every day, just about. It's beautiful.

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