How did you choose what to edit out of the book?

We tried to build stories as chronologically as possible, and we tried to foster a good mix of family photos and Michael onstage as well. So sticking to a theme was one way to edit the photo selection process. We looked for shots the fans have not seen before, but also ones that tell a story.

What will people be most surprised about by Never Can Say Goodbye?

I think people will be most surprised by the personal moments and photos that Never Can Say Goodbye provides. The book takes the reader on a journey from childhood to superstardom and most of the moments in between. Katherine has several messages she wanted to deliver to Michael Jackson fans, and the reader will surely gain a more intimate perspective of Michael Jackson.

What do you hope people will learn about Michael and the Jackson family by reading this book?

The same thing that we've experienced in the past year getting to know the Jacksons: that they are not at all the people the tabloid media make them out to be. Mrs. Jackson in particular is one of the sweetest, kindest and most respectful people we've ever met. She is incredibly strong yet humble for what she has dealt with in her lifetime.


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