As a collaborator on Katherine Jackson's book about her son Michael, Never Can Say Goodbye, Howard Mann has gotten to know the Jackson family intimately. Here, he and colleague Sonia Lowe of Vintage Pop Media open up about their work on the book and what readers can expect to find inside those very personal pages.
What was it like working with Katherine Jackson on such a personal project? 

Working with Mrs. Jackson was surreal at first, but as we got to know her, it's quite easy to lose sight of who she is because she is so incredibly grounded, humble and welcoming of us into her home and her family. We arrived, and she served us milk and cookies and shared funny, touching and tragic moments with us. Working with her on such a personal project was nothing short of amazing!

What's your favorite memory that's shared in the book?

There are so many special memories and moments in the book, and as an avid fan, it is hard to pick the best one. But, I guess, my favorite is when Michael surprised Katherine on a trip to New York City where he took her to an airport to show her the lineup of food, supplies and charted jets he sent to Africa, as he held up on his promise to "do something" about the starving children there.

Howard Mann on Michael Jackson's legacy and what will surprise readers about Never Can Say Goodbye


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