Singer and songwriter Guy Sebastian, the first winner of Australian Idol, talks about his road to stardom. Plus, how it felt to perform for Oprah and our Ultimate Viewers.
Stephanie Mitchell: How did you get started in the music business?

Guy Sebastian: Well, I actually grew up singing in church, and I was in choirs. I guess [it] gave me a love for music. I was in band when I was in school too. I was a drummer, and then moved on to piano and guitar. [I] started writing songs at quite an early age.''


Then I ended up on the first [Australian] Idol—it was like the Australian version of American Idol. I had no idea what the show was like because it was the first year (it was 2003), we hadn't really heard of Idol at all. So I sort of went through it and ended up winning! It was really just such an amazing time in my life, and it all happened so fast. I'm still blessed enough to be releasing albums here in Australia.

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