For 15 years, Darren McGrady was the Buckingham Palace pastry chef to Queen Elizabeth II. After Princess Diana and Prince Charles separated, Darren moved with Diana and Princes William and Harry to Kensington Palace to become their personal chef.

Watch chef Darren dish about his years with the royal family

Though he didn't prepare anything for William and Kate's wedding, Darren says he might have influenced at least one of their decisions. "When I found out that William and Kate weren't having a chef, I sent him a copy of my book [Eating Royally] and said, 'You need this,'" he says. "In the book was the chocolate biscuit cake, and, of course, he chose it a week later. I don't know if that jogged his memory, but I used to make that for the Queen when she had afternoon tea with William and Harry growing up."

Chocolate Biscuit Cake has been a favorite of the royal family for 100 years—get the recipe!
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