When Oprah first enters a class of second graders, she is met with wide eyes and silence. "I have to tell you, I talk for a living," she says. "But you might be the hardest people I've ever talked to. I've met my match in this room." 

Watch Oprah's visit with the second grade class. Watch

The students finally open up when Oprah asks about toys and what they play with when they want to have fun. "We don't want to play; we want to work," one student says. Willie says the word "play" isn't used on the ranch because it's equated with goofing off. He says they prefer to "work with purpose."

Another topic the students are not shy about is the raid. "They said they'd only take us off the ranch for one hour and they'd bring us back," one boy says. "But they didn't." Instead, the students say they stayed in shelters for the two months they were gone.


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