Though his politics have defined his career, President Bush says it's his family that makes him who he is. "My family meant the world to me, and during the presidency, Laura, the girls, my family—my brothers and sisters and mother and dad—provided such great stability and love, and they're a constant in my life," he says. "I'm a blessed person because of that."

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President Bush, who's affectionately referred to as "43" in his family, has an especially close relationship with his father, known as "41." These accomplished men are only the second father-son duo in history to be elected president. "I'm fortunate to have a mother and father who provided great stability and great love," President Bush says.

Growing up, President Bush says he occasionally tested his parents' love, as any child would. "I wrecked two cars at 14. I poisoned [my sister] Dorothy's goldfish by pouring vodka in the fish bowl. My mother still loved me," he jokes. "Dorothy didn't love me, nor the goldfish!"


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