Kody's wives say they know he loves each of them, and it's important for the wives to support each others' relationships. "We also realize how important it is for each of us to have a great relationship with him," Christine says. "Each relationship needs to be good with him in order for the whole family to work well."

When one couple is fighting, the other women say they feel that emotional pain. "I care for all of these people in my life," Janelle says. "If somebody's not happy, you feel that."

If you marry into a polygamist family, Janelle says you're not just marrying your're marrying the family. "I really knew I was getting the whole family," she says. "That's what I wanted."

Oprah says she believes this is true for every married person. "I think that's the mistake a lot of people make when they marry into a monogamous traditional family," Oprah says. "You think you're just getting the person you're marrying, but you really are marrying their family—especially if that person has children."

Now that the family's in the public eye, rumors have been flying that Janelle and Christine want out. Is it true? "It is a rumor," Janelle says. "I'm not going anywhere." Christine says she doesn't want out either.

But, if they wanted to leave the family, Janelle says they have that option. "We have the choice to leave, to stay," Janelle says.


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