Some people may not be accepting of the polygamist lifestyle, but many are intrigued by their relationships with one another...especially the interactions between the sister wives. "We're most fascinated with the relationship the women have with each other," Oprah says.

The title of the series—Sister Wives—is the term Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn and other women in plural marriages use for one another.

What it means to be a sister wife. Watch  

Oprah likens the bond these women have with one another to a sisterhood of sorts. "In being in the same family, you have to sort of develop a sister relationship or friendship in order to all get along," she says.

Meri agrees. "It's definitely a very bonding experience," she says. "We're sisters in that sense, and we're very close."

Janelle says the wives, all of whom have strong personalities, work together toward the same goals, and when times get tough, Kody says there are more people to shoulder the burden.


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