Kody, who works in advertising sales, says going public about his personal life has not affected his professional relationships.

"I've been in this career for about 10 years, and I've been fairly private about it," he says. "I had good friends. They understood me, and I was their token polygamist friend." Eventually, the entire company found out that I was [a polygamist], and the tolerance and acceptance has been beautiful."

On the other hand, Meri's former employer wasn't as accepting. After Sister Wives premiered, Meri says she was terminated from her position in the mental health industry.

"They felt that they needed to protect the company, I think," Meri says. "It actually makes me really sad because I loved my job. It breaks my heart, definitely. ... But I understand where they're coming from."

While some wives have jobs outside the home, Christine is the designated stay-at-home mom. "It's beyond me to not like it," she says. "I love it."


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