Despite the risks associated with going public, Kody says they invited cameras inside their homes to dispel misconceptions about polygamists.

Watch Kody and his wives explain why they wanted a reality TV show. Watch

"The [polygamist] society tends to be fairly closed," Kody says. "We figured that just by being an example of that, by showing our lives, we'd actually help the society be more transparent, have other people in the lifestyle feel safer about being transparent."

Kody may have more wives and children than most men, but he says they're just like any other family. The children attend public school, have a Wii and ask to go to the mall. One of the wives even curses—"I've heard [Janelle]," Kody says—and some work outside the home.

"There's no difference in the things I talk about at work with my with my co-workers, the things I worry about," Janelle says.


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