Introducing Robyn into the family was a little strange for some of Kody's children. "It was a different thought because you grow up with four parents, or three moms, your whole life," Madison, Janelle's daughter, says. "Then Robyn comes in, and it messed up things a little bit."

But, over time, Madison says she grew to love her. "I was really happy Robyn came in because Robyn and I get along really well," she says.

Many people ask the children if they'll choose plural marriage when they get older, but Logan says he's focusing on being a teenager now. "I'm still thinking about: 'When's my next sport meet? What grade do I have? Oh, I have homework after I get home from the show,'" he says. "I'm just going through life, day-by-day."

Their mothers may deal with jealousy issues sometimes, but the children say they never feel like their father is giving one child more attention than the others.

"We have our mom who gives out the attention," Madison says. "Then, we have three other moms now who give us attention and then our dad. We all get an equal amount. When we need attention, they give us attention."


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