The Brown family says there are defined rules about dating in a polygamist household. For instance, they do not approve of Kody fooling around with other women outside of the marriages. "Absolutely taboo," Kody says.

Robyn says she was very careful when she started seeing Kody. "There are very strict rules that I followed, and he followed out of respect for their marriages," she says.

"So you're dating a married man, but all of his wives know you're dating?" Oprah asks.

Kody clarifies what dating means for him. "Dating to other people might be going out and having a good night dinner and going to one or the other's apartment and spending the night," he says. "That doesn't happen."

Polygamists are not supposed to have sex before marriage. "I know that you all don't want to say the word, but I will say it," Oprah says. "There is no sex before marriage."


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