Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
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When you think of the Land Down Under, one stunning, award-winning actress comes to mind: Nicole Kidman. She's well-known for her starring roles in such films as Days of Thunder, Moulin Rouge, Australia and The Hours, a film that led to her Best Actress Oscar® win.

When she's not acting or walking the red carpet, the glamorous star of the new film Rabbit Hole is a wife and mother who calls Nashville home. In 2005, Nicole married country superstar and fellow Aussie Keith Urban. She says one of the things she loves most about him is that he doesn't just say he loves her...he shows her. "I think marriage is about, every day, trying to make it better and working through things and when things are tough, saying, 'I'm going to come to you and talk,'" Nicole says. "We're just very tight, and we stay really tight."

Nicole Kidman
Keith, Nicole and their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose live a simple life in Tennessee, Oprah's home state. For years, Nicole says she moved around the country making films, but since she married Keith—a Nashville resident for more than 20 years—she says it's nice to have a home base.

"Suddenly, I was able to be taken to Tennessee, which was perfect for me because I can go out, I can hike," she says. "I can just go down to Green Hills and Whole Foods."

Nicole says she loves the ease of living in Nashville. "It's a very, very easy existence for us," she says. "Some people like the much higher sort of more glamorous lifestyle. For us, we just prefer a much quieter, private [life]."
Nicole Kidman and Oprah
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Now that they live in the South, Nicole says she and Keith call their daughter by her full name—Sunday Rose. "I love those double names," she says. "[And] sometimes we call her Sunny."

Whether she's on a film set or at the grocery store, Nicole loves to take Sunday Rose wherever she goes. Some of their favorite mother-daughter activities are shopping and sharing "cappuccinos." "I have a cappuccino, and she has what she thinks is a cappuccino, and it's just froth," Nicole says. "But I do get embarrassed because she's like, 'One cappuccino,' and I'm like, 'No, no, she doesn't drink coffee.'"

Nicole says she also loves taking baths with her daughter. "I love her little shoulders, you know?" she says. "She's in the bath, and I see those tiny little shoulders. Oprah, don't get me started."
Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart
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In her latest movie, Rabbit Hole, Nicole plays a grief-stricken mother who's dealing with the death of her young son. Critics are calling Nicole's performance the best of her career.

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After Oprah saw the film, she says she almost called Nicole—like Oprah did after seeing The Hours—to tell her she'll win another Oscar®. Nicole remembers the call. "[Oprah] said, 'Nicole, you're going to win the Oscar.' I was like, 'Oh my God...Oprah knows!'" Nicole says.

Despite the dark subject matter, Nicole says the story is more about love and family than death. "It's about a mother's love and a father's love," she says. "As much as it looks incredibly emotional, I feel like there's hope there. It's reaching out, and it's saying you can go through these things and still have your marriage."
Nicole Kidman and Oprah
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Not only is Nicole starring in Rabbit Hole, she's also producing for the first time. For her, the film is a labor of love. "It took us four years to get it made, and I'm just so glad we got it made," she says. "In some way, it's like reaching out to the people that have gone through this or are going through it, and in any way, shape or form losing somebody."

Rabbit Hole is also significant to Nicole because she says there aren't enough films made about families, especially ones with a dark sense of humor. "It's deeply moving, but it's very funny, which seems odd," Nicole says. "Families can be very funny, particularly when they're put into traumatic situations."

Nicole Kidman
A few weeks before Rabbit Hole opens in theaters, Nicole is traveling with Keith to Sydney, Australia—her hometown—to meet up with Oprah and 300 lucky audience members at the Sydney Opera House.

During Oprah's first trip to Australia, Nicole suggests a day at the beach. "[While filming] Moulin Rouge, I would go to Bondi [Beach], go for a swim, have some breakfast and then go to work. And that's pretty good," she says.

But there's more to Sydney than the beaches. "It's a very warm town. It's very friendly," Nicole says. "It's not huge, [but] there are many places to go."
Keith Urban, Michelle Brian, Oprah and Nicole Kidman
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At the top of the show, Oprah told the studio audience that there was room for one person—and his or her guest—on the plane to Australia. The name of every audience member was put into Oprah's Australian outback hat, and Oprah, Nicole and Keith chose a winner: Michelle Brian!

Michelle and a guest will fly directly to the spectacular coastal city of Perth—the capital of Western Australia, known for its big city culture, world-class resorts and magnificent sunsets. Then, they'll meet up with the other audience members in Sydney for special tapings of The Oprah Show.

Tune in to watch all of Oprah's Australian adventures starting January 17, 2011!

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