In her latest movie, Rabbit Hole, Nicole plays a grief-stricken mother who's dealing with the death of her young son. Critics are calling Nicole's performance the best of her career.

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After Oprah saw the film, she says she almost called Nicole—like Oprah did after seeing The Hours—to tell her she'll win another Oscar®. Nicole remembers the call. "[Oprah] said, 'Nicole, you're going to win the Oscar.' I was like, 'Oh my God...Oprah knows!'" Nicole says.

Despite the dark subject matter, Nicole says the story is more about love and family than death. "It's about a mother's love and a father's love," she says. "As much as it looks incredibly emotional, I feel like there's hope there. It's reaching out, and it's saying you can go through these things and still have your marriage."


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