Now that they live in the South, Nicole says she and Keith call their daughter by her full name—Sunday Rose. "I love those double names," she says. "[And] sometimes we call her Sunny."

Whether she's on a film set or at the grocery store, Nicole loves to take Sunday Rose wherever she goes. Some of their favorite mother-daughter activities are shopping and sharing "cappuccinos." "I have a cappuccino, and she has what she thinks is a cappuccino, and it's just froth," Nicole says. "But I do get embarrassed because she's like, 'One cappuccino,' and I'm like, 'No, no, she doesn't drink coffee.'"

Nicole says she also loves taking baths with her daughter. "I love her little shoulders, you know?" she says. "She's in the bath, and I see those tiny little shoulders. Oprah, don't get me started."


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