During the six and a half years Ingrid was held captive, the FARC released three videos to prove to the outside world that she was still alive.

Watch Ingrid's proof-of-life videos, filmed by the FARC. Watch  

The first video was released to the media just five months after her capture, but then, a year went by before the second video was made public. In 2007, the final video was shot, but Ingrid says she wanted no part in it. Five years in captivity had taken its toll, and in the third and final video, the world saw a frail Ingrid quietly sitting somewhere deep in the Amazon jungle, refusing to speak or even look at the camera.

Other than the proof-of-life videos, Melanie says the family had no way of knowing if her mother was still alive, and she couldn't move on with her life. "I think you cannot move on," she says. "You cannot mourn when you don't know."


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