At home, Ingrid's family and friends were working tirelessly to secure her release. Lorenzo and Melanie joined supporters at rallies and protests in France and Colombia, hoping to keep their mother's memory alive. They even lobbied the president of France on their mother's behalf.

The family was able to send love and support to Ingrid through a Colombian radio program devoted to broadcasting messages to the nearly 700 hostages being held across the country. Ingrid's mother, Yolanda, called into the radio show almost daily. "The only way I had to help her was to tell her every day how much I loved her," Yolanda says.

Not everyone in Ingrid's life had a chance to show their support and send well-wishes. Exactly one month after her abduction, Ingrid's father, whom she says she adored, passed away. "I was abducted at 1 p.m. the 23rd of February. He died the 23rd of March, 1 p.m.," Ingrid says.


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