Now, Ingrid says she cherishes all the small freedoms she was refused as a hostage, like shopping at the supermarket or going for a long walk. "To have my own space is something I really appreciate," she says. "Not having to fight for the space. The little things of freedom like being about to just change your mind. Those kind of little decisions you make every day, I really cherish them a lot." 

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The biggest lesson Ingrid says she learned came to her once she felt she had lost everything. "I couldn't move. I couldn't go to the toilet. I couldn't drink when I wanted. I couldn't talk to anybody. I couldn't do anything without permission. And there I was, chained to a tree, with pouring rain over me, thinking I was less than an animal," she says. "Then I thought: 'No, that's not true—there's something left. I have the freedom to choose what kind of person I want to be.'"

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