Michael Jackson

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On February 10, 1993, Oprah sat down with superstar Michael Jackson for what would be the most-watched interview in television history. Michael, a fiercely private entertainer, had refused to give an interview for 14 years. The unprecedented live event, which took place before Michael faced allegations of sexual abuse, drew a worldwide audience of 90 million people. "It was the most exciting interview I had ever done," Oprah said.

Sixteen years later, Oprah reflected on her interview with Michael, which took place at his Neverland Ranch. "I can tell you I really, really liked him," she said. "I thought I could be his friend, because I felt that he was really honest."

Oprah opens up about her interview with Michael 

Michael died on June 25, 2009. Soon after his passing, an autopsy revealed that a lethal dose of propofol caused him to go into cardiac arrest and die.

In November 2010, Michael's mother, Katherine, and his children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, opened up to Oprah about the King of Pop. "I think of my son all through the day, all the time," Katherine said. "Sometimes during the day, I can hear his laughter in my mind."

"He was just a normal dad," Paris said. "Except for he was, I would say, the best dad ever."

Michael's family remembers him as a loving son and father